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My Favorite Things

Ever wonder what paper works best with oil pastels and watercolors? What about for alcohol inks? Here you will find art, craft and other items that I love to use on a regular basis.  The links attached are affiliate links and I may receive a financial incentive for offering them to you. 

My favorite Pencils!

Artists will tell you about the different hardnesses of a pencil, but really - use what feels comfortable and enjoyable to you! That is the best pencil.  My favorite pencil is the Tri-Write.  If you've ever held a regular yellow pencil you'll feel a tiredness after a while from those ridges that dig into your fingers if you spend anytime sketching. NOT with these! These are so comfortable... they actually make me happy when I pick them up to use them. Plus, they are great quality, the graphite doesn't break up inside, and they sharpen in normal pencil sharpeners!

My favorite Journaling Pens!

Journaling and hand lettering is all the craze and my beautiful friend Amber from Lucky Penny Lettering introduced me to these game changing pens while taking her hand lettering class! The extra fine Pentel pens allow for you to create lots of detail in small spaces. The feel of these pens on paper is magical too... they are very wispy because of the super fine tip. The colors are great and the pens themselves are comfortable to use. These are great to doodle or create intricate value and texture line designs too!

Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers

These markers come in an amazing amount of colors.  With the popularity of alcohol markers (NOT these!) color blending is all the rage.  You can do so many things with these markers! Check out my YouTube series that feature their uses! I particularly love the small cone nibs... a feature of the fat Crayola marker that I love too (Just not as much as these!)   You can draw on the sides of markers to create thick lines or with the tip to create thin ones. 

My favorite drafting paper!

I am not the world's biggest fan of making drafts of things even when I know it improves the product. Because of this, I try to find the supplies I am comfortable using. This paper is so soft and allows for easy erasing... I cherish every page I use. The texture remains crisp through working and has a slight slick finish.  The weight is about the same as really nice printer paper with more structure.  It is this structure that I feel allows me to put forth my best work. I hope you like it too! You can even use it with markers with minimal bleed.

My favorite inking pen!

I have used this pen for a while now in my in-person art classes.  My students agree... the ability of this pen to create thick and thin inked lines far surpasses the everyday black fine point pen we all use because of school budgets. This pen is graceful and elegant. It truly is an extension of you. Once you learn where to hold it for most control, you can do amazing textures with it also!

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