Life as a Teaching Artist...

I had all the best intentions for this year. Settle into my teaching fun, take a class I've always wanted to take and work towards practicing my own art more. Then COVID happened. My dream would not manifest in the way I thought it would. Instead, it would make doing the extras a little harder. Jump to today...

I haven't seen my students since early March. I was out of my classroom most of the week before spring break because I was at camp with our 5th graders. It seems like half a year ago that happened.

Today, I started packing up their artwork so they can come to the school during an appointment - to pick up their artwork along with the rest of their school supplies.

Our art portfolios are nothing like they were in years past. They are so so sad. I start a lot of projects throughout the year and have students finish them after spring break - to keep up engagement levels, they pick the projects they are most interested in to finish first.

Today, I sorted unfinished artwork into piles. Tomorrow I will sort them into portfolios... but I'm so sad as I see each artwork from my 1018 students and think of the time we didn't get to spend together.

But then I think of the family time they probably did get because of this thing. I know some families who have come together so much closer. Have become more active. I don't know what is in store for teaching in the future. I'm sure there will be many changes due to come. But one thing I know I'll be so glad about... to see my favorite artists again.

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