Have your very own fabric design created for your special place or event.  The design process will be very structured and you will recieve links to purchase fabric and other goods with your special design.

Day 1 - The process begins with a thourough design interview - to really understand the concept that you are desiring in your design. 

Week 1 - One week later you will receive an update with pictures.  At that time you can suggest changes you may desire.

Week 2 - About a week later in the process you will receive your a picture of the repeat of your design and several mock-up pictures of what the fabric could look like on handmade items. 

Week 3 - After approval, your design will be submitted for proof.   After things are determined a-ok by the artist (me),  you will be able to purchase yardage at Spoonflower (or other POD sites) with the option of different fabrics and home products.  


Custom Fabric Design - Design only

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